I Am Governor Whitmer’s ASL Interpreter, and I Am Sick of America’s Bullshit

Hello America, that’s me standing behind Big Gretch’s left shoulder, translating her words while communicating righteous anger. I am woman–I can fucking multitask. And I am sick of America’s bullshit.

Let’s start with you Wolverine-Watchmen-Red-Dawn-Cosplaying-Halfwits. That’s some tiny dick energy, boys. Your answer to gym closures is to meet in a vacuum cleaner shop and plot to kill elected officials and cops? That’s a fucked up notion of liberty. Think about that while you rot in federal prison.

You, in the White House: Our great nation doesn’t run on favors and praise. If a governor of any party is threatened, the president picks up the phone and calls to express sympathy and offer support. He doesn’t whine about how he didn’t get a thank you note. Grow a pair, child.

All of you people screaming to reopen the economy? Here’s a clue: Test, track, trace and wear a damn mask. The only ones offering false choices about getting the economy revving again are ideologues who hope you’re as mindless as them.

America, get your shit together. You’re pissing me off.