Social Distancing in the Countryside

Beth and I got out of the house yesterday and drove southeast from Greensboro. We didn’t have a destination in mind, but eventually found our way to Cedarock Park in Alamance County. Crowds of people hadn’t been watching the news, I guess, or are weirdly optimistic about their immunity to the virus that’s rampaging across the world. We avoided them, drove to the end of the park where there were few people, and walked down to the river to take a look.

Afterward, we meandered toward and over Bass Mountain, with an obligatory stop at the Original Hollywood Horror Show.

We were in the Snow Camp area, and Beth wanted to see the old Cane Creek Meeting House. We found it, next to the Snow Camp Outdoor Theater (closed tight for the last couple of years) and the remains of Ye Old Country Kitchen. We’ve never eaten there, and I guess we’ll never have the chance.